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The coaching process helps you define and achieve your professional goals faster and more easily than it would be possible without the intervention of a coach. I've developed expertise in areas where I achieved best results with clients: education, entrepreneurship, international business and relations, creative industries, management, relocation, language and culture. I am proud to announce that I now hold a credential Professional Coach with ICF approved ACSTH training, together with International Trainers Academy of NLP and International Coaching Federation registered membership. I also hold a Masters Degree in Science (Molecular Biology and Neurobiology) and Business English TEFL 120 hour certification.


I've been working with professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs globally (the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Korea). Make sure to refer to the testimonials on my website.

Together with empathy, energy, and inquisitiveness, confidence and belief in oneself are extremely important qualities in a coach, and I believe that I possess them in sufficient quantity to be an excellent asset for your professional growth. If granted the honor of working with you, I would do everything in my power to earn that admiration while serving as your Coach.



アイリーンは、共感、エネルギー、探究心、人々のニーズを簡単に結び付けて読み、適切な解決策、勇気、勇気を提供する能力、困難な生活環境(移動する国や大陸、8つの言語を話す)に精通していること、国際環境(19か国に住んでいます。遠隔環境での作業、ワークショップの開催、技術的専門知識、公の場での7年以上の経験)。アイリーンは分析的で、正直で、内省的で、迅速な意思決定者です。彼女のクライアントの声を読んでください Webサイト  LinkedIn  プロフィール。


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